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Profile EAP is a full service Employee Assistance Program headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Started in 1982 by Penrose-St. Francis Health Services and now part of Total Healthcare - backed by the staff, facilities and resources of Centura Health, Profile EAP provides services to both the employee and the employer.

In all areas of employee assistance; from counseling to substance abuse; finding childcare to eldercare resources; finding financial to legal support; management consultations to trainings and leadership support to assisting with disruptive workplace events (Incident Response).

Profile EAP has temporarily replaced face-to-face counseling with telephonic and telehealth counseling in our staffed offices.  Regarding our large network of contracted licensed counselors, we will be using face-to-face, telephonic or telehealth platforms of counseling.

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Profile EAP Monthly Webinar Series

Tool-building webinars for your well-being. To attend a seminar or webinar view the schedule.

Profile EAP Contracted Provider Training

Specific Training only for Contracted EAP Counselors/Providers.

Orientation video

Profile Employee Assistance Program

Brief video which describes the many benefits and services of your Employee Assistance Program

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  • Becoming a Provider

    If you are interested in becoming a provider, contact our Network Coordinator to request provider forms.

    Complete the forms and submit with the following paperwork listed below. All paperwork must be completed and returned to our network coordinator.

    1. Provider Application, signed Statement of Understanding and W-9.
    2. Two Affiliate Agreements signed. (One will be returned to you).
    3. Copy of State license(s) with expiration date clearly visible on the copy.
    4. Proof of Professional Malpractice Insurance with dates of expiration.
    5. Resume including education, post-graduate training, and professional experience.
  • PROVIDERfiles

    PROVIDERfiles allows you to track all your Profile EAP referrals on-line, in a secure, encrypted environment. Only you and Profile EAP have access to your client file information. No more having to stock EAP forms. Receive data quicker and process payments to you faster. Profile EAP can authorize sessions on-line.

    You can also request additional sessions on-line as well.

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