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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an employer-sponsored benefit that provides confidential assessment, short-term counseling, referral, and follow-up services for employees and their immediate family members......and so much more.

Profile EAP is a benefit for both the employee and the employer. Our goal is to help organizations reduce absenteeism, on-the-job accidents and substance abuse, and to decrease escalating health care costs. Not only do we help employees and their family members deal with everyday problems and serious issues, but we also serve as a valuable management tool for supervisors. A well-managed EAP can reduce absenteeism by 66%, health care costs by 86%, and worker's compensation claims by 30%.

Profile EAP's goal is to assist in helping you keep your workforce employed and productive.

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  • Why provide one to your employees?

    Each year 16-22% of people employed in our country experience serious personal problems that adversely affect their work performance. An estimated 20-25% of employees suffer from alcoholism and other chemical dependencies. Between 10-15% experience debilitating emotional problems stemming from marital, family, legal or financial crises. Many of these issues are not covered under your medical insurance mental health benefit. Providing your employees with an employee assistance program demonstrates that you, the employer, understands and cares about their well-being. Employers who care about their workers have fewer morale problems, lower turnover, decreased recruitment and training costs, and much higher employee loyalty.

    Some facts & figures:

    • The Mental Health Association estimates that 10-15% of employees have severe personal problems that interfere with their job.
    • If 5% of your employees used the EAP the potential monetary savings would be 3.45% of payroll for reduced absenteeism and improved productivity.
    • Studies on the changing work force reveal that 87% of employees have some family responsibility that could interfere with work. More than 22 million families provide some kind of unpaid, elder care and 64% of those caregivers are employed full or part- time.
    • 80% of Americans say their lives are more stressful now than 5 years ago - citing pressure at work as the primary reason.
    • 87% of polled employees said they would work harder for a company that is willing to help them deal with personal problems.
    • At least 10% of your employees are experiencing personal problems that they can't "leave in the parking lot.?
    • Depression alone puts a $44 billion drag on the U.S. economy each year.
    • 90% of the population have the need for legal or financial services but 70% do not seek counsel because of the cost.
    • Each of your managers spends up to 25% of his/her time dealing with performance issues that are fueled by personal and interpersonal problems.
    • Studies show that each dollar invested in an EAP, saves the employer from 3 to 5 dollars.
  • What you should look for in an EAP

    1. Assess your needs. Talk to your supervisors, managers and employees, or take a confidential survey of your workforce to determine the need. What issues are they facing - how do those issues affect co-workers, productivity, absenteeism, etc. What are your company's goals and expectations of an EAP?
    2. Talk to other companies who have an employee assistance program. Has it saved them money? What services do they find most valuable? What is the feedback from their employees? Ask them to talk about their experiences.
    3. Decide what services of the EAP you do/don't need. Will you use workshops, management consultations, etc.? Your EAP can tailor a package for your company to give you the most value for your money.
    4. The EAP you choose should have experienced, licensed counselors with a variety of backgrounds, diversity and interests. Do they require continuing education for therapists?
    5. Ask the EAP to describe their procedures for counseling. If possible, visit their office and go through the procedure yourself. What forms do they require? How do they maintain records? What information do they gather? What information do they include in their reports to you?
    6. How do they measure client satisfaction? Most EAPs use confidential client satisfaction surveys to evaluate their services, the quality of their care, and follow-up. Do they provide you with any of this information?
    7. Does the EAP provide you with a point of contact or personal representative to handle your account? How often do they contact you and provide you with reports? What kind of feedback do they gather from client companies?
    8. And most importantly, how do they maintain confidentiality? How are records stored? Who can get information about utilization?
  • How do I request a proposal?

    Profile EAP has offices in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Woodland Park and an extensive network of providers in Metro Denver and across Colorado and the United States. Profile EAP can provide the same type of services at most locations in any state. If you need a provider in another location, please include your information in your request for a proposal.

    To request a proposal, contact us:

  • How do I setup an EAP?

    Employee Assistance Programs are typically priced on a capitated rate; based on the number of counseling sessions a company would like to provide, the type of business, and the number of employees. Profile EAP provides the same benefit to the employee's spouse, significant others, and children at no additional cost.

    Typical models include providing:

    • 3 sessions per person per problem per year
    • 5 sessions per person per problem per year
    • 6 sessions per person per problem per year
    • 8 sessions per person per problem per year
    • 12 sessions per person per problem per year

    This simply means that each employee and each of their immediate family members would receive 3, 5, 6, 8, or 12 counseling sessions for each different problem or issue they would like to discuss over the period of one year.

    Profile EAP is different than most EAPs in this way. Many EAPs allow only 3, 5, 6, 8 or 12 TOTAL sessions over one year.

    Profile EAP is also unique in that we provide services to family members at no additional cost to the employer or the employee. We know that when a family member is struggling with a problem or issue, it affects the entire family.

    Profile EAP is happy to put together a proposal for all of their services, or to tailor a program for your company.

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    We have providers throughout the Denver Metro area. Call for locations of therapists in your area.

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