Blue Light Scope Technology

April 1, 2021
patient in greenwood village who used Blue Light Cystoscopy

The advancements in technology regarding cancer treatments are consistently evolving and providing more options for patients when it comes to diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Out of all the cancers, bladder cancer is the most expensive cancer to treat and the fifth most common diagnosed cancer in men.

Historically, bladder cancer has been difficult to detect at an early stage. Until recent years, bladder cancer has been detected through a scope using only white light. When using white light, tumors and lesions are hard to distinguish from healthy tissue which made early diagnosis extremely challenging; and in many cases resulting in a negative evaluation result when in fact cancer was present.

Five years ago, Blue Light technology was introduced to the United States. Urologists are now able to diagnose and treat more cases of bladder cancer at an early stage than ever before. This technology uses a combination of white light and blue light when inspecting the inside of the bladder. During a Blue Light Cystoscopy, surgeons use a cystoscope to inspect the inside of a patient’s bladder. A medical solution is then inserted into the bladder wall. When blue light is shown on the medical solution-infused tissue, this solution acts as glow in the dark technology allowing surgeons to detect cancerous vs. healthy tissues. Healthy tissue appears blue while tumors and lesions will appear pink.

What can patients expect during a Blue Light Cystoscopy? No prior prep is necessary. About an hour before the scope, the medical solution is inserted into the bladder using a catheter. Patients are fully awake during the five-minute minimally invasive procedure.

Blue Light technology has excelled bladder cancer evaluation and treatment for patients. Bladder cancer has had the highest recurrence rate of all cancers. With this technology, bladder cancer has had half the reoccurrence in diagnosed patients.

At Centura Medical Group Urology DTC, we are the only Urology practice in the Denver Metro area offering Blue Light Scope technology. This technology truly sets us apart when it comes to patient care -- allowing us to effectively detect and begin the treatment process of our patients at an earlier stage.

Dr. Shandra Wilson, Urologist at Centura Medical Group Urology DTC, says that Blue Light Cystoscopy is so promising, that it may eventually end the need for bladder removal surgeries. “This technology gives myself and my patients incredible peace of mind to know that when Blue Light is performed, its results can be trusted. It’s similar to a colonoscopy in terms of visually laying eyes on the internal structure of an organ and being able to truly be able to detect cancers. It's being able to trust that a negative result is actually a negative result instead of cancer growing while patients have a false sense of security. No wonder is has become the new gold standard on the NCCN guidelines.”

If you, or someone you know, has symptoms of bladder cancer or is need of a second opinion, contact our office today. Our urologists will work with you to determine if Blue Light technology is right for you and your treatment plan.