About the Children’s Network

Your child’s health affects everyone in the family. From preparing to deliver your baby to watching your child finish high school, it’s important to have a health care provider who’s invested in your child’s health every step of the way.

Centura Health Children’s Network offers family-centered care in Colorado and western Kansas to help the kids in our communities have a healthy childhood. Our goal is to provide the right care in the right place at the right time — from preventive immunizations to advanced treatment.

Highlights of our children’s network include:

  • Comfortable birth centers. Our facilities offer large, private birthing suites with many amenities to keep you and your baby healthy and comfortable. Our pre-admission birth plans provide you an opportunity to let us know what you want and need during labor to make the experience easier for you.
  • Excellent emergency care and neonatal intensive care units (NICU). When children and infants need special care, our team of doctors, nurses and health care professionals provide personalized attention to get them back to health. Our multidisciplinary team offers family-centered care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • A range of children’s wellness services. Centura Health Children’s Network is dedicated to the continuing health of the children in our communities. Our network of pediatricians, family medicine doctors and other experts provide many services to assess your child’s health and keep them feeling good, including immunizations, physicals and education on ways to keep safe during play.
  • Support for new parents. New parents have a lot to prepare for, and we can help. Offering birthing classes, breastfeeding support groups, frequent well-baby checkups and more, we want to help make your transition into parenthood a smooth experience.
  • Attentive care for high-risk pregnancies. There are many reasons why you and your baby may need more careful attention during pregnancy. Our experts in maternal-fetal medicine provide compassionate care for pregnancy-related problems and health issues that increase risks. Through prenatal screening, genetic counseling [Home > Care & Health > Genetic Counseling] and other exams, we can identify any extra precautions and monitoring that may be needed.
  • Experienced, board-certified pediatricians. The pediatricians and family medicine doctors in our children’s network have the experience and expertise to give your children the care they need, from regular checkups to inpatient care when your child needs special attention.