Corporate Wellness Services

Offering a full range of programs

Centura Health offers the most comprehensive package of corporate wellness services available throughout Colorado designed to help employers keep employees healthy and productive:

  • Employer Wellness Services
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Centura Center for Occupational Medicine (CCOM)

Our unparalleled years of experience and expertise in providing quality corporate resources support your employees in every facet of their work and personal environment. These complementary services will empower the employee to always be "at their best" while allowing your budget to breathe.

  • Profile Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Profile Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a full-service employee assistance program headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It began in 1982 by Penrose-St. Francis Health Services and is now backed by the facilities and resources of the Centura Health System.

    Profile EAP is an employer-sponsored benefit for both the employee and the employer. For employees and their immediate family members, our experienced staff is trained to assist in all areas of employee assistance, including: 

    • Confidential assessment
    • Management consultations
    • Short-term counseling
    • Referral and follow-up services
    • Substance abuse
    • Trainings and leadership development
    • Incident response

    Our goal is to help your company reduce absenteeism, on-the-job accidents and substance abuse, as well as decrease escalating health care costs. Studies have shown that a well-managed EAP reduces absenteeism by 66 percent, health care costs by 86 percent, and worker's compensation claims by 30 percent.

    Contact Us

    For more information, contact Profile EAP Operation Center at:


    Profile EAP
    2925 Professional Place, Suite 101
    Colorado Springs, CO 80904 

    Becoming a Provider

    If you are interested in becoming a provider, please contact our Provider Relations Team at:

    • Toll-free: 1-800-645-6571
    • Email

    Applicable Forms: Complete and submit forms with the paperwork listed below. All paperwork must be completed and returned to our network coordinator:

    • Provider Application, signed Statement of Understanding and W-9.
    • Two Affiliate Agreements signed. (One will be returned to you).
    • Copy of State license(s) with expiration date clearly visible on the copy.
    • Proof of Professional Malpractice Insurance with dates of expiration.
    • Resume including education, post-graduate training, and professional experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I set up an Employee Assistance program in my workplace? 
    Employee Assistance Programs are typically priced on a capitated rate; based on the number of counseling sessions a company would like to provide, the type of business, and the number of employees. Profile EAP provides the same benefit to the employee's spouse, significant others, and children at no additional cost.

    Typical models include providing:

    • 3 sessions per person per problem per year
    • 5 sessions per person per problem per year
    • 6 sessions per person per problem per year
    • 8 sessions per person per problem per year
    • 12 sessions per person per problem per year

    This simply means that each employee and each of their immediate family members would receive 3, 5, 6, 8, or 12 counseling sessions for each different problem or issue they would like to discuss over the period of one year.

    Profile EAP is different than most EAPs in this way. Many EAPs allow only 3, 5, 6, 8 or 12 TOTAL sessions over one year.

    Profile EAP is also unique in that we provide services to family members at no additional cost to the employer or the employee. We know that when a family member is struggling with a problem or issue, it affects the entire family.

    Profile EAP is happy to put together a proposal for all of their services, or to tailor a program for your company.

    Q: How do I request a proposal for EAP services?
    To request a proposal, email or call the number below. Profile EAP can provide comprehensive EAP services throughout the State of Colorado and the same type of services throughout the US at most locations in any state. If you need a provider in another location, please include your information in your request for a proposal.

    Q: Where are the Profile EAP locations?
    Our Operations Center is located in Colorado Springs, 2925 Professional Place, Suite 101, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. We have a large network of licensed counselors throughout Colorado and Western Kansas as well a national network of counselors. We have two satellite offices in Pueblo, CO and Durango, CO.

    Colorado Springs

    2925 Professional Place, Suite 101 Colorado Springs, CO 80904

    Phone: 719-634-1825


    1925 E. Orman Avenue, Ste. 339          
    Pueblo, CO 81004          

    Phone: 719-560-0612

    Cañon City

    1121 Main Street  
    Cañon City, CO 81212  

    Phone: 719-275-6465

    Woodland Park

    Pikes Peak Title Building  
    471 S. Baldwin, 3rd Floor  
    Woodland Park, CO 80866  

    Phone: 719-634-1825


    We have providers throughout the Denver Metro area. Call for locations of therapists in your area.  

    Phone: 303-765-6363

  • Employer Wellness Services

    Focuses on decreasing total health care costs by reducing the need for physician visits, emergency room visits, and hospitalizations. We offer multidisciplinary programs designed to:

    • Improve functional health status
    • Prevent illness
    • Help manage current health problems

    Building a strong and successful company begins with great employees.Twenty-five years ago, Penrose-St. Francis implemented the nation's first hospital-based corporate wellness program. We've improved the health and morale of our employees, and we have taken an innovative and effective wellness program to our organization in southern Colorado.  

    • Administrative Services
    • Challenges
    • Evidence-Based Group Health Management Programs
    • Exercise Classes
    • Individual Wellness Coaching
    • On-Site Biometric Screenings
    • On-Site Events
    • Reporting Optional Services
    • Wellness Planning


    • Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

    After Hours
    After hours urgent medical care and upon suspicion/post accident/incident drug testing and breath alcohol testing is available at our affiliated Hospital Emergency Departments.

    See emergency and urgent care locations

  • Centura Center for Occupational Medicine (CCOM)

    CCOM, the first choice in occupational medicine

    Centura Centers for Occupational Medicine (CCOM) truly is your partner in this community.

    In occupational medicine services, your best choice in a medical provider partner is Centura Center for Occupational Medicine (CCOM). CCOM has been in the community providing services for more than 20 years, and the Centura Health-affiliated hospitals have been providing community health care for more than 100 years.

    Let CCOM partner with you in containing your costs with one-stop industrial medicine:

    • Access to medical care 24/7 through clinics and emergency departments
    • DOT physicals
    • Drug testing
    • Injury management
    • Physicals and Wellness
    • Workers' compensation
    • Worksite services

    CCOM location in the Parker/Lone Tree Area

    CCOM South Denver
    Lincoln Medical Center. Suite 150
    11960 Lioness Way
    Parker, CO 80134

    Phone: 303-269-2900

    For Employers

    Helpful resources for employers. The following links will help you by providing references on how to complete your reports and tools to know more about job site evaluations and compliance.

    Not finding what you are looking for? Contact us and we will assist you in directing you to the correct resources.

    For Patient-Employees

    Our frequently asked questions (FAQ) are provided below to answers common questions regarding occupational medicine services and the role the patient takes in the care received.

    Q: I already have a doctor; why do I need to go to CCOM?
     CCOM Providers are trained and have vast experience in treating work related injuries and illnesses. Our providers follow the Division of Labors Treatment Guidelines. This is important to assure that the injured/ill worker is getting consistent quality care. When the injured worker is at maximum medical improvement, a Level II Certified Physician will document this status based on those guidelines.

    Q: I went to the Emergency Department; do I need to go to CCOM for a follow-up?
     Yes. The CCOM Provider will evaluate your injury, work up a treatment plan and establish work restriction when it is appropriate. They will also supply information to the workers compensation insurance carrier to assist in the administration of your claim as well as keep your employer advised of the status of your injury.

    Q: I saw the CCOM doctor, but am I able to go back to work today?
     You will need to contact your company representative. They will direct you to come into to the CCOM Clinic to be evaluated that day. This will insure that the injured employee is gdayetting the necessary care and are not at risk of further injury.

    Q: I have been released from care, but I am hurting again; what should I do?
     Report this to your Supervisor. Your company will contact the insurance adjustor. The insurance adjustor will authorize an evaluation of the condition.

    Q: I missed my appointment; what should I do?
     You will need to call the CCOM Clinic and schedule another appointment. The CCOM Staff will be sending a letter to the Employee, the employee`s Supervisor and the Insurance Adjustor. This letter is to advise that the employee has missed the scheduled appointment.

    Q: I am seeing the doctor for my knee injury; will the doctor refill my heart medication?
     No. The CCOM Providers will only treat the worker compensation claim that has been authorized by the workers compensation insurance Claims Adjustor.

    Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

    What you need to know about OSHA's new regulations on workplace injuries. See important update to OSHA's regulations and requirements.

    Department of Transportation (DOT) 

    DOT Law change as of April 11, 2016
    Starting April 11, 2016 CCOM will put into effect the new Federal Motor Carrier Medical Exam mandates. The new mandates include the use of the new MCSA-5875 Medical Examination Report Form and the new MCSA-5876 Medical Examiner’s Certificate (DOT Card).

    Some of the changes are: there is a longer driver health history, there are no longer blood pressure guidelines on the new form, and the Medical Examiner Determination section has changed. However, the biggest change is that the new MCSA-5875 can no longer be modified after a card has been issued.

    With the new mandates if a driver is given a three month card the only way the driver can get a new card is to go through a complete new physical. There is a Determination Pending status that a driver can be put into for up to 45 days if needed, however, the driver cannot be issued a new card while in this status. For more information please call our clinics.

    DOT Physicals and Drug Screens
    CCOM does DOT Physicals every day at all of our Colorado locations. Our physicians are DOT certified, and we can usually get you a same day appointment.

    DOT Physical Preparation and Information for Drivers
    At CCOM, we want you to be at your absolute healthiest. Small changes today can make a big difference when it comes time for your DOT Physical. A healthier you will only lead to passing your DOT physical with ease. DOT laws and regulations have become even more rigid over the past year.

    In order for you to be prepared for your physical we have outlined a plan so that you can walk in to your next physical full of confidence. Our goal is to keep you safe and on the road. If you have any questions contact CCOM. We’re here to serve you.