Spine Center of Excellence

Mercy Regional Medical Center

Spine Center of Excellence at Mercy Regional Medical Center
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Spine Center of Excellence

Mercy Regional Medical Center

Real patients. Real stories.

Sheri Crittendon

Montrose, CO

Sheri Crittendon“Before my surgery, I had numbness to my toes and excruciating pain when walking; it was totally debilitating. When I came for the all day, pre-surgical orientation, the team explained the whole surgery process and was so kind, patient and extremely positive. The TLC [Touch, Love and Compassion] team even led me through a positive visualization of my surgery, which gave me comfort and reassurance. Everyone who cared for me, and the whole experience, was just fabulous. Before my surgery, Dr. Youssef said, “You’re going to walk a mile.” I said, “Seriously?” And it happened. Immediately after surgery, I walked a mile in the hospital. I’m now nine weeks out from surgery and walking 2-3 miles a day. My life has been transformed, and I look forward to enjoying all the activities that I love to do, without pain.”

Marti Saul

Durango, CO

Marti Saul“I was standing in the kitchen one day, and all of a sudden a pain started in my back and shot down my leg—it was terrible. I waited to see if it would get better, but when it didn’t, I decided I needed to have surgery. Since then, I’ve had two back surgeries—the second after a fall—and I have nothing but good things to say about the care I received at the Mercy Spine Center of Excellence. Dr. Orndorff and his nurses and staff were phenomenal; their attention and organization throughout the entire process—from patient education to surgery to recovery—gave me the confidence I needed. And, my pain is gone. I even recommended Mercy to my husband and sister, who traveled all the way from Minnesota to have her surgery from Dr. Orndorff; I would recommend Mercy to anyone.” 

Louis Garday

Pagosa Springs, CO

Louis Garday“Despite the demands of my professional life as a high level executive, I have always been an old cowboy and avid hunter and fisherman. A few winters ago, I was driving in a blizzard, and [the weather] got so bad we had to stop. But when I stepped out of my truck, I slipped and fell, landing on my hand and twisting my spine. I was knocked out cold for 20 minutes; when I woke up, I was in critical condition, and it was tremendously difficult and painful to move. I was taken to Mercy, and Dr. Orndorff said I would need surgery, assuring me after the procedure it would be a short recovery and my pain would be gone. I am now a believer. Dr. Orndorff and his group of professionals did a tremendous job during my surgery. The entire team—from skilled doctor and physician assistant, to the attentive nurses and clerical staff—were incredibly engaged and caring. Dr. Orndorff and his team promised results and delivered them—a true testament to the quality of care at the Mercy Spine Center of Excellence.”

Mariel Lynch

Aztec, NM

Mariel Lynch“I have had back issues for years, and was almost never able to walk comfortably. I was in so much pain that I decided to have surgery. The full-day orientation before surgery was helpful and relieved a lot of the pressure of going in for such a major procedure. The massage and aroma therapies also added to the personal touch. Dr. Orndorff was very personable and showed concern for me as a human being. My surgery was incredibly successful, and I had a wonderful experience at Mercy—the staff in the office, the nurses, everyone was wonderful. The fact that I got out of the hospital bed and walked half a mile the same day of the surgery was mind blowing to me. During my recovery I walked a couple miles a day, and still do. I did all of my follow up in Aztec, and think it is wonderful that Dr. Orndorff makes himself available to the whole Four Corners community. I am working full time, and my back does not slow me down. Had I not done the surgery, I would not be able to do what I love. It was life changing for me, I have a life and consider myself to be very blessed.”

Erik Shaw

Farmington, NM

Erik Shaw“I went to see Dr. Youssef after an unsuccessful spine procedure didn’t help my lower back pain and the radiating pain down my leg. The pain was very intense and affected everything I did—standing, sitting, golfing and even lifting my two year old son. I tried physical therapy and injections, but none of that worked so Dr. Youssef and I decided I needed to have a fusion. The full-day class before surgery was very informative and helped me understand the procedure and post care much better, which put my mind at ease about a lot of things. The procedure went well, and I only spent one night in the hospital. The staff that cared for me were very helpful and open to any questions I had. It was all a wonderful, great experience. It has been about four months since surgery, and I am really close to 100 percent. I feel better than I have in the eight years prior, and the more I do, the better I feel. I have gone back to work, and I can now enjoy spending time with my son and family. Dr. Youssef is the best, and I will never be able to thank him enough.”