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Mercy Sports Medicine

Mercy Regional Medical Center

Where Athletes Get Better

Mercy Sports Medicine is where athletes get better. Whether you’re looking to improve performance, promote overall health and wellness, or recover from an injury and get back to your favorite sports and activities, we have the solutions you need. Our goal is to keep athletes of all ages and abilities not only free from injury, but feeling great, and able to excel at their favorite sports and activities. Most services are conveniently located in the Mercy Sports Medicine facility in Durango. 

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Sports Medicine Services

At Mercy Sports Medicine you'll find the services you or your team need to improve your performance and reach your goals. Our services include:

Patient Education Videos

Fitness Classes!

Mercy Sports Medicine, now offering a variety of classes to keep you fit and strong this winter and spring. From boot camp to yoga, core fitness to the tension-relieving Rad Mobility class, there’s something for everyone.

Contact Us to Coordinate Your Care

Let us navigate the system for you. Our specialists can connect and coordinate with providers and others (primary care providers, pediatricians, surgeons, physical therapists, coaches, athletic directors, educators) to ease your transitions as you cross the continuum of care and return to your sport, team or activity.

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