Mercy Sports Medicine

Mercy Regional Medical Center

327 S Camino Del Rio
Durango, Colorado 81303
  • Mon.-Fri. 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Mercy Sports Medicine

Mercy Regional Medical Center

Fitness Classes & Injury Prevention

Mercy Sports Medicine instructors offer a variety of programs to reduce the risk of injury, enhance performance, and promote overall wellness. From one-on-one fitness coaching, to fun and supportive group classes, we have something for everyone.

Injury Prevention:

  • Team and athlete education
  • Physical deficiency testing (strength, balance, flexibility, mobility)
  • Range of motion and gait analysis
  • Sportsmetrics ACL baseline testing and injury prevention program
  • Individual or team-based pre-season conditioning programs
  • Sport-specific injury prevention warm-up programming
Fitness Class

Fitness & Classes

  • Yoga
  • Core Fitness
  • High Intensity Training
  • Low Impact Training
  • Six Weeks to Better Balance and a Stronger Self
  • RAD Roller Mobility
  • Athletes on the Mend

Mercy Sports Medicine Group Fitness Classes

Class Schedule

Group Classes

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
STAC Mobility
6:45 am

Yoga Mobility
5:15 pm
RAD Roller Mobility
12:00 pm (noon)

LITE Core & Mobility
4:30 pm

HI Core & Mobility
5:15 pm
STAC Mobility
6:45 am
RAD Roller Mobility
1:00 pm

RAD Roller Mobility
5:15 pm,
6 week course
June 7 - July 12

Barre Mobility
5:15 pm
Starts July 19 
STAC Mobility
6:45 am

*Classes limited to 20 participants per class. See class descriptions below.

Group Fitness Class Cost

  • Drop in: $10 (First class FREE)
  • 5 class punch pass: $45
  • 10 class punch pass: $80
  • 20 class punch pass: $140

Targeted Fitness Programs

In addition to the classes above, Mercy Sports Medicine offers a variety of unique programs for individuals with needs that are not typically addressed by traditional fitness offerings. 

Register in Advance

Class Descriptions

STAC Mobility (Strength Training & Core)
Total body workout using circuit training and 1 min intervals. Build strength, endurance, speed, balance and mobility.

LITE or HI Core & Mobility 
This class offers the best movements for improving endurance, balance, cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength using your  bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance  bands and RAD Roller tools for mobility. Expect a great full-body, overall conditioning and toning workout. (LITE = 30 sec Low Intensity Intervals, HI = 40 sec High Intensity Intervals).

RAD Roller Mobility
Using RAD Roller tools and other myofascial  release tools, this class offers relief  in motion to help with tightness, tension, and reduced movement. We are using SMR or Self Myofascial Release techniques to facilitate mobility. All abilities are welcome to learn how to increase mobility and relieve  stress, tightness, and tension.

Yoga Mobility
Awaken and accelerate your practice with an intro to SMR (self myofascial release) the RAD Roller tools, and a thorough flow that weaves together SMR, Asana and Pranayama. The class is appropriate for all levels with modifications given to suit individual needs.

Barre Mobility
A combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines like yoga and Pilates. The barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of motion movements. RAD Roller tools are used to increase your mobility and range of motion within postures.