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Hip Replacement

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At OrthoColorado Hospital we understand hip pain. As one of the body’s largest weight-bearing joints, when hip pain occurs it can severely limit your every-day activity and affect your quality of life. Whether walking, bending over to pick something off the ground, or simply trying to get a good night’s rest, when hip pain stops you in your tracks, it’s time to seek treatment from the experts at OrthoColorado. Our fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons are highly experienced in utilizing leading-edge technology for hip diagnosis and repair.

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Hip Specialists Dedicated to Your Care

You can rely on our board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons to help you find relief from hip pain with the very best care, delivered in the most convenient and effective manner at the region’s leading orthopedic hospital.

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  • Hip Conditions We Treat

    As the region’s premier orthopedic hospital, our expert team of hip care specialists are well versed in diagnosing and treating hip pain. Because our orthopedic surgeons perform hundreds of hip surgeries every year, our patients benefit from this singular focus. So, whether your hip pain is caused by arthritis, overuse, or an acute injury, you can count on the team at OrthoColorado to help you live life pain free.

    Frequent hip conditions treated at include:

    • Arthritis
    • Bursitis
    • Dysplasia
    • Femorocetabular impingement (FAI)
    • Fractures
    • Labral tear
    • Osteonecrosis
    • Tendonitis
  • Hip Surgery Solutions Designed With You in Mind

    When nonsurgical hip treatment options fail to provide relief, and living in pain is not an option, the hip specialists at OrthoColorado Hospital can help. By offering the most advanced treatments for patients of all ages our expert orthopedic surgeons are committed to helping you reach your personal recovery goals. Whether your diagnosis requires hip resurfacing, a partial hip replacement, or total hip replacement, we make the surgical process as smooth as possible for you and your caregiver.

    Our Top Hip Surgery Solutions

    Anterior approach hip replacement
    OrthoColorado Hospital is pleased to offer anterior hip replacement surgery. Similar to total hip replacement surgery, it involves removing the diseased portion of the hip joint and replacing it with an artificial hip, called a prosthesis. The main difference between anterior hip replacement and traditional hip replacement is the location of the surgical incision. The anterior approach is a minimally invasive surgery done from the front of the hip joint which involves a 3 to 4-inch incision. Because the anterior approach avoids cutting major muscles, patients typically experience less pain after surgery and require less pain medication.

    Hip arthroscopy
    Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery that allows our orthopedic surgeons to see, diagnose and treat problems within a joint. A small, flexible tube with a camera attached, called an arthroscope, is inserted into the hip joint. Two or three small incisions are typically made to allow the scope and other surgical instruments to enter a narrow space between the ball and socket of the hip joint. The scope sends pictures to a monitor which enables our hip specialists to see inside the hip joint to diagnose and treat common hip problems such as labral tears, loose cartilage, hip impingement, snapping hip, articular cartilage injuries, and bone spurs. Because of the small incision size, hip arthroscopy can allow for a quicker recovery period and less scarring.

    Hip resurfacing
    Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons at OrthoColorado Hospital are highly experienced in performing hip resurfacing, which is a bone-conserving technique where the hip joint is relined, instead of being completely replaced as in total hip replacement surgery. In hip resurfacing, the damaged bone and cartilage within the socket is removed and the femoral head is trimmed and resurfaced with a smooth metal dome which then fits inside a metal-lined hip socket. Similar to a cap on a tooth, this approach preserves as much natural bone as possible, which reduces postoperative risks of dislocation and inaccurate leg length.

    Partial hip replacement
    For partial hip replacements, our orthopedic surgeons remove and replace the ball of the hip joint. But unlike a total hip replacement, the hip socket stays intact. This surgery is most often done when the femoral head has been fractured or traumatically injured. The best candidates for partial hip replacement surgery will typically have healthy cartilage in their hip joint and minimal signs of arthritis.

    Total hip replacement
    At OrthoColorado Hospital, we understand how debilitating bone-on-bone hip pain can be. So, when it gets to the point of limiting your daily activity and alternative therapies offer no relief, it may be time for a total hip replacement. One of the most common orthopedic procedures we perform, with more than 500 done annually, total hip replacement surgery involves removing the diseased portion of the hip joint and replacing the ball and socket part of the hip with an artificial joint or hip implant. The hip implant is made of long-lasting metal or ceramic materials which includes a stem that fits into your thigh bone, a ball on the end of the stem, a shell that fits into your pelvis and a liner that snaps into the shell. Typically, this procedure requires a six- to ten-inch incision on the side or back of your hip. Rest assured, our hip specialists will fit your implant for your body type to ensure maximum mobility and comfort.

    Ganz Osteotomy
    OrthoColorado is one of the few hospitals in the region to offer Ganz Osteotomy surgery for young adults who have hip dysplasia. Ganz Osteotomy (also called a peri-acetabular osteotomy, PAO) preserves the hip joint by moving the hip socket (acetabulum) into a better position to support the hip joint. First developed in the 1980s for active people with hip pain from dysplasia, the main purpose of the Ganz Osteotomy is to briefly separate the hip socket from the pelvis and re-align it so that it is properly seated over the ball (femoral head). This correction in position of the cup allows the joint to properly function and alleviates excess pressure on the hip cartilage. This treatment can help prevent patients from developing advanced arthritis in the hip and ultimately help avoid the need for a total hip replacement.

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