The Birth Center at St. Francis Medical Center

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The Birth Center at St. Francis Medical Center
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The Birth Center at St. Francis Medical Center

Penrose-St. Francis Health Services


The Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. Francis Medical Center specializes in providing high-level care to premature babies and babies with severe medical problems. The NICU has 25 private neonatal bays where parents can spend private family time with their baby. Specially trained nurses maintain round-the-clock care and observation of your baby's condition. Our NICU includes two high-frequency ventilators which continually provide oxygen to the baby's tiny lungs helping decrease the chance for lung injuries. Take a virtual tour of the NICU.

Beyond the Waiting Room at St. Francis Medical Center – NICU

A behind-the-scenes look into the NICU at St. Francis Medical Center.

NICU Programs & Support

  • Maternal / Child Transport

    A dedicated NICU transport vehicle is available to transport high-risk pregnant women and the most fragile newborns should they need specialized care.  Our Maternal/Child Transport team serves communities in southern Colorado.

  • Newborn Hope Resource Room

    The Newborn Hope Resource Room is conveniently located between the NICU and Pediatric Care Unit. The room provides a computer with Internet access, books and medical journals to help you and other family members find the resources you need regarding your child's medical condition. 

  • Ronald McDonald Family Room

    The Ronald McDonald Family Room is a refuge within the hospital for immediate family members who have a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or Pediatric Care Unit. The family room provides a place to rest, relax and recharge from the environment of the hospital while allowing parents to remain near their child.

    The family room provides homelike amenities including:

    • Kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, fresh coffee and sweet treats provided by family room supporters
    • Bathroom with shower, linens, shampoo, soap and other toiletries for those who can not make the trip home to shower  
    • Washer, dryer, detergent and a pair of scrubs for those who may not have a fresh change of clothes
    • Dining areas for families to enjoy a meal together or quick snack
    • Living room area with comfortable seating and a flat screen TV
    • Computer workstations so family members can conduct research on their child's condition, keep in touch with family and friends or connect with the workplace
    • Children's play area with books, toys and DVDs
    • Two rooming-in bedrooms     


    • Open daily: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
      (as long as there is a family room-trained volunteer present)

    How You Can Help 

    • Donate our tax-deductible donation helps thousands of families each year through the Ronald McDonald House and the Ronald McDonald Family Room. To make a donation visit Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern Colorado or call 719-471-1814.
    • Volunteer: Volunteers are needed everyday in order to keep the family room open. For more information on volunteering or to obtain a volunteer application form, contact the Ronald McDonald Family Room Coordinator at 719-243-3574.

    Our Mission & Vision

    • The mission of the Ronald McDonald Family Room at St. Francis Medical Center is to provide a refuge within the hospital for families of seriously ill children who are hospitalized in the NICU and Pediatric Care Unit.
    • Our vision is to give a loving welcome to families, to find understanding through caring for others and to bring families together through a sanctuary of nurturing for the body, mind, and spirit.