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Penrose-St. Francis Heart & Vascular

Penrose-St. Frances Health Services

Celebrating Over 50 Years of Heart Care

The Penrose-St. Francis Heart & Vascular Center provides the most advanced and effective treatments for heart and vascular care.  Our highly-skilled team of cardiologists, cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists and other specialists tackle heart and vascular disease from several fronts. From prevention and screening to advanced heart imaging technology and minimally-invasive robotic-assisted heart surgery, the Penrose-St. Francis Heart & Vascular Center provides a full scope of care for any type of adult heart condition.

We are committed to educating patients and their doctors about treatment options so they can make the most informed health care decisions. We believe communication with the patient's primary care physician is key to managing a patient's condition over the long term. So, we always refer a patient back to his/her primary care physician and keep the lines of communication flowing.

doctors rushing a patient in the er

How We Compare

Every second counts...

When it comes to emergency cardiovascular care. At Penrose-St. Francis Health Services, our goal is for heart attack patients to receive care an average of 60 minutes or less, a full 33% faster than the American College of Cardiology national benchmark of 90 minutes. Penrose-St. Francis, along with local emergency medical services providers, continue to excel locally, statewide and nationally in our response times for heart attack patients.

Heart Calcium CT Scan

Are you at risk for a heart attack?

A heart scan detects unhealthy levels of coronary plaque ~ the main cause of heart attacks.

Penrose-St. Francis is committed to your cardiovascular health, and, we’re currently offering the Heart Calcium CT scan for only $99.

This price includes:

  • A cardiac nurse to review results with you at the time of the scan
  • All elevated scores reviewed by a cardiologist who will make recommendations

(Physician referral is not required)

Call to schedule an appointment today.

Centura Health Heart & Vascular Network

Hearts and Minds Behind Healthier Hearts

With more than 120 leading cardiovascular experts, the Centura Health Heart & Vascular Network is recognized as the region's leading provider of comprehensive heart care.

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