The Birth Center

St. Anthony North Health Campus

14300 Orchard Pkwy
Westminster, Colorado 80023

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The Birth Center

St. Anthony North Health Campus

Birth Doula (Labor Coach) Support at St. Anthony North Health Campus

St. Anthony North Health Campus Doulas are nationally certified birthing coaches, who are available to assist women in childbirth. They provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support.

Private, hospital-based doulas are available to any patient who requests their support during their labor and delivery at St. Anthony North Health Campus. Many of our doulas are bi-lingual, making our doula support program, the only bi-lingual one in the state.

Doula support during childbirth can contribute to:

  • Decreased length of labor for first time births.
  • Decreased requests for pain medication
  • Decreased rate of C-sections - Our birth services program has one of the lowest cesarean section rates in Colorado.
  • Increased participation of partners in the birth experience
  • Increased likelihood of breastfeeding
  • Improved perception of the birth experience and positive self-image

Doula Program Registration

Cost of doula support during labor and delivery is $400. 
After completing registration and payment, you will receive an email confirmation as well as a personal phone call to set up your first Doula appointment and discuss any other details or questions you may have.