Birthing Classes & Family Education

St. Francis Hospital

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Birthing Classes & Family Education

St. Francis Hospital

The birth of your child is a unique and cherished event for you and your family. At the completion of one of our classes, we want you to feel empowered, well-prepared and confident as you get closer to the birth of your baby. Our classes are designed with you in mind. They are taught by certified instructors and we limit the class size to no more than 12 couples so we can give every participant personal attention. We offer a variety of classes to support you through birth, baby and beyond.

Birthing Classes

We recommend you complete your classes two to three weeks prior to your due date. All classes will be taught at St. Francis Hospital.

For information, contact Family Education 719-571-3125 or the Class Registration Assistance Line at 719-571-3131. 

  • Refunds, Weather Cancellations & Classroom Details


    Classes have requirements for minimum and maximum numbers of attendees. (If a class is cancelled or rescheduled, we will notify you and reschedule or refund your money.) If you must cancel your reservation, contact us 719-571-3131, as soon as possible so we can open the class to others who may be on a waiting list.

    Weather Cancellations

    For information as to whether a class is cancelled due to bad weather, contact us.

    Phone: 719-571-3125 or 719-571-1000

    A decision is generally made by 2:00 pm on the day of the class.

    Parking and Classroom Location at St. Francis Hospital

    If you are assigned to Conference Rooms 1, 2 or 3 at St. Francis Hospital, park on the top deck at the main entrance or use valet parking at the main entrance. Take the elevator or the grand staircase down to the Garden Level and follow signs to the conference rooms.

  • Infant CPR Anytime

    Would you like to learn infant CPR on your schedule and at your pace? The American Heart Association has designed a personal learning program that will teach you and other family members basic infant CPR lifesaving skills in the privacy of your own home in just 22 minutes. The Infant CPR Anytime® kit contains a Mini BabyTM CPR learning manikin and an Infant CPR Skills Practice DVD. Kit is reusable for future CPR skills review.

    Cost: $44.95 per kit
    Adult/Child CPR Anytime kit also available.

    Location: Available for purchase in The Lactation Center Boutique on the third floor of St. Francis Hospital. Phone: 719-571-3100

  • Online Childbirth Class

    Can’t come to class? Class can come to you! Our new online childbirth class is the perfect alternative for busy parents needing a flexible class schedule, for moms on bed rest or as a refresher course! While nothing can replace the personal connection of an on-site childbirth class, you’ll learn the same essential information, including what’s happening to your changing body, how you’ll know when you are really in labor, helpful comfort techniques, advice for partners, an overview of medical procedures, and much more. Besides self-paced reading, this class utilizes video clips, animations, interactive games and printable PDFs.

    Here is how the Online Childbirth Class works

    1. Register and pay for your class by calling 719-571-3125 or 719-571-3131.
    2. You will receive a welcome email and instructions to log in to the program. You will have access for the next six weeks.
    3. Review the class at your own pace.
    4. Go to our classes calendar to register online for a Tour of The Birth Center.
    5. After completing your class, you may want to consider attending the Practicing Labor Skills class.

    Cost: $60 for the online class

  • Private Childbirth Classes

    This option is convenient for those who desire one-on-one class time with a childbirth educator. Classes are held at St. Francis Hospital at a date and time that is agreed upon by parents and instructor. The number and length of class sessions and the content included is determined by your individual needs. Call (719) 571-3125 for private class referral.

    Cost: $35 per hour, plus $6 for book.

  • Siblings at Birth

    This is a private class for families who want their child(ren) to attend the birth. Class is individualized for your child(ren) ages 4 to 18. Age-appropriate discussion of female anatomy, growth and development of the baby, and labor and delivery is presented using slides and demonstration with dolls. How the child can “help,” and common fears, concerns and questions are addressed. Class is held in a birthing room (if one is available) and taught by a certified childbirth educator/nurse. The child(ren), one or both parents and the child(ren)’s support person should attend the class. The support person for children under 14 should be someone, other than the labor coach, who will be responsible for their care during the labor and birth. Classes are scheduled between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. We are sorry we are unable to provide evening or weekend classes. Call Family Education, 719-571-3125, for further details or to schedule a class for your child(ren) and family.

    Cost: $35 per class (usually takes 40 to 60 minutes)