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St. Thomas More Hospital
1338 Phay Ave
Canon City, Colorado 81212

Emergency Room: 24/7


Transforming Our Culture

The face of professional medical care has significantly changed over the last decade. Our facilities have been transformed into warm and compassionate atmospheres; from the design of the rooms and lobbies to the way you are treated from the time you walk through our doors. 

We believe healing includes not only the medicine and medical service you receive. We believe your level of comfort, your understanding of your diagnosis, and your treatment plan, are critical to your recovery. You spiritual needs complete the circle of healing.

To this end, the redesign of our facilities has included warmer colors, softer lighting and a more pleasant atmosphere. Our staff completes countless hours of training and education to keep current on the latest medical treatments, cultural, and customer service information. Our orientation for new associates encompasses two days of information and workshops. You are that important to us.

Our role as a "community" hospital means you are our neighbors, family and friends. We attend church with you and see you at the grocery store. It is our intent to offer you the best medical care the Centura System of hospitals can offer you. There is strength in our affiliation with the Centura network of hospitals. What services we don't have, we can offer through one of our sister hospitals.

Your feedback is important. In our lobbies are opportunities to share your compliments and complaints. You may complete a card and put it in a confidential box opened only by our Administrative staff. You can also call our complaint resolution line at 719-285-2950.

You may also contact me. As CEO and President, I am not always immediately available, however, you can leave a message with my Administrative Assistant or on my voice mail and I will return your call.

Our mission is to extend the healing ministries of Christ. That means we open our facilities to everyone needing medical attention. You are welcome here. Come heal with us.