Centura Health - St. Anthony Hospital First in Colorado to Join National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative

(LAKEWOOD, COLO.) - Centura Health - St. Anthony Hospital is the first medical center in Colorado to join the National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative (CSI) with the goal of improving mortality in patients suffering from Cardiogenic Shock, an acute physiological condition caused by the inability of the heart to pump sufficient blood for the needs of the body.

As a partnering hospital, St. Anthony Hospital will collaborate with the CSI to utilize a defined protocol for treatment of AMI patients in cardiogenic shock which includes quick placement of the Impella heart pump, PCI and right heart monitoring to rapidly reduce the use of inotropes (medications that have been used in conventional therapy to treat these patients), which have been proven to cause further damage to the heart. This program is aimed at improving patient outcomes in a medical area where there hasn’t been an improvement in the past 20 years. Through the utilization of the National CSI algorithm, this will serve as the foundation of treatment for patients presenting with an acute heart attack that has advanced to a more serious life-threatening condition known as cardiogenic shock.

St. Anthony Hospital will collect quality data on each patient in its quest of improving survival rates of patients. The procedural data is collected for each patient and submitted for inclusion in the registry, thus contributing to a larger national study which aims to increase the survival rates for these patients. Participating hospitals have been shown to improve survival rates from 50% to 76%.

“St. Anthony Hospital has been the trusted name in health care in our community and beyond for the past 125 years, and individuals know that when faced with an illness or injury, St. Anthony Hospital remains at the forefront of high-quality care,” said Peter Powers, CEO, St. Anthony Hospital. “As we continue to serve patients with critical need, we remain laser-focused on identifying opportunities such as this partnership with the CSI that bolster our ability to provide leading edge care.”

Getting prompt treatment for heart attack/cariogenic shock greatly improves a patient’s chance of survival and minimizes damage to the heart. If not treated immediately, cardiogenic shock can be fatal. Another serious complication is damage to the liver, kidneys or other organs from lack of oxygen, which can be permanent.

As the region’s leading Level I Trauma Center, St. Anthony Hospital cares for the most critically ill and injured patients and is home to state-of-the-art cardiology and cardiac care services and a team of specialists all focused on providing the best possible outcomes and meeting the unique needs of each patient. You can learn more about St. Anthony Hospital’s care offerings here.


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