Mercy’s Continued Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

June 10, 2021
Patrick Sharp, CEO shares update on Mercy's response to COVID-19

More than a year since its start, I think we can all agree that we’re tired of talking and hearing about the coronavirus. Though we wish it to be a thing of the past, at Mercy Regional Medical Center we are still witnessing the effects of the pandemic. One thing the COVID-19 pandemic has proven is Mercy Hospital caregivers give 110% no matter the circumstances. Even during the most difficult days of the pandemic our Mercy Hospital caregivers rallied around each other to ensure our patients and community received the best care possible.

As Mercy Regional Medical Center has given more than 10,500 COVID-19 vaccinations it feels like a good time to pause to reflect on Mercy Regional Medical Center’s journey and provide an update on our continued response.

Though the pandemic is not over, there is hope on the horizon. According to San Juan Basin Health, more than 50% of La Plata County residents have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and more than 50% are now fully vaccinated. Of this number 90% of individuals 70 and older have received at least one dose and 86% are now fully vaccinated.

We are seeing society slowly reopen and certain restrictions reduced, yet COVID-19 positive patients are still presenting at our Emergency Department, some of who are admitted for care in our ICU or COVID-19 unit. The good news is after caring for more than 20 patients at a time during the height of the pandemic, Mercy Hospital's average daily inpatient census for COVID-19 patients now remains in the single digits.

With more than 33 million cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in the U.S. to date, all of us have been impacted by the virus. Most of us know someone who’s been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have personally tested positive. The emotional toll the pandemic has had on us may take years to heal.

Thank you for continuing to adhere to the guidelines by social distancing and washing your hands frequently. For those of you who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated, thank you for continuing to wear a mask. For those who are fully vaccinated, thank you for masking when required. If you’re interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, you are welcome to visit to schedule an appointment at Mercy Hospital. You may also visit San Juan Basin Public Health to schedule an appointment with another community organization.

Thank you for your continued support and the care you share with Mercy Hospital and our caregivers.