Centura Health 2020

In 2009, through the expertise, insights and energy of literally hundreds of stakeholders, Centura Health set out on a journey to transform the future of health care for our patients and communities. We developed a plan, Centura Health 2020, to revolutionize not just how we treat sickness, but how we enable wellness throughout our entire system. This plan continues to evolve as our communities, experts and technologies do. We’re on a course of constant improvement to help you, your family and the neighborhood you live in. Simply stated, we will continue to refine and improve our existing services and facilities to improve health care value today, tomorrow and always.

The three pillars of Centura Health 2020

Strengthening our foundation
We provide our teams with the right tools to reach their full potential while caring for our communities. Those tools include advanced medical technology and electronic health records (EHR) to ensure quality care and patient safety, as well as initiatives to increase associate partnership and satisfaction. We are building upon our work to strengthen our foundation by focusing on reducing variation in care, engineering our culture, targeting reductions in cost, integrating analytics into our operations, meeting the criteria for meaningful use and developing a multi-specialty culture within our multi-state physician group.

Moving upstream to manage health
This next generation of health care will restructure the patient, doctor and hospital relationship and revolutionize the health care experience, moving from “sick care” to “wellness care” to provide optimum health care value. We’re helping our communities learn to make smarter choices about their health by promoting wellness and preventive care that is “upstream” from traditional health care. It also means reaching rural communities with access to care, education and support.

Creating systems of care
In order to truly unlock the power of our health care system, our experts continuously collaborate on best practices and innovative ways to care for our communities. We are strengthening efforts to create systems of care and optimize value by further integrating our cardiac, trauma, oncology, neuroscience, pediatric and senior service network to generate total solutions for your individual health care needs.