Centura Health Cardiac Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is about guiding you physically, mentally and spiritually to the highest level of function and independence. At Centura Health, we offer a network of nationally certified outpatient cardiac rehabilitation programs. Our programs are designed to offer comprehensive care to those recovering from heart surgery or procedure, a heart attack, heart failure or chest pain (angina).

Our therapists talk to you about changes you can make to help reduce your risk of future heart issues and offer guidance to slowly and safely get you back to normal activities.

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We’re dedicated to your recovery. If you require cardiac rehabilitation care, you can count on our experts.

  • Benefits of Rehabilitation

    We can help you reverse symptoms and maximize cardiac function through programs designed to meet your individual needs. These services can help you:

    • Stop or reverse damage to the vessels in your heart.
    • Improve your confidence and well-being.
    • Live longer and lessen your chances of heart attack.
    • Meet and share stories with other people like you.
    • Increase your chances of surviving a heart attack or other heart problem.
    • Increase your ability to be active and exercise.
    • Help you return to your life sooner.
    • Improve overall health and well-being.
  • Rehabilitation services we offer

    Centura Health offers you access to a comprehensive list of rehabilitation services around Colorado, so you know you won’t have to travel far for great care, including the award-winning Ornish Lifestyle Medicine offered exclusively at Penrose St. Francis Hospital and Littleton Adventist Hospital. The first scientifically proven program to reverse the progression of heart disease, the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program focuses on four elements of life: nutrition, exercise, stress management and group support. 

    Some of the rehabilitation services and features we offer across the Centura Health Heart and Vascular Network include:

    • Two levels of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation for people who’ve had open-heart surgery, a diagnosis of coronary artery disease or stable angina heart failure, angioplasty, stent implantation or major cardiac events such as heart attacks.
    • Individualized exercise programs under the supervision of registered nurses, exercise physiologists and a medical director.
    • Testing and monitoring, including telemetry monitoring for heart rate/rhythm, blood pressure response and oxygen saturation, to help ensure your safety as you gain strength.
    • Education on your heart condition, heart healthy eating, smoking cessation, risk factors, decreasing health risks, medications and strength training.
    • Guidance on managing stress and emotions.
    • Management of blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.
    • Continued communication with your doctors and other health care providers about your progress.