Treatments for Sleep Disorders

Treatments for Sleep Disorders

When you don’t sleep right, your whole life is affected. From work to family events, it can be difficult to concentrate and engage. At Centura Health, we offer a wide range of potential treatments for sleep disorders. Once we can target the source of the problem, possibly with the use of a sleep study, we’ll tailor a treatment plan just for you. We want to empower you to engage fully with your life with the help of one of the following treatment options we provide:

This is effective in treating people with sleep apnea. A small mask is worn over the nose during sleep. Mild air pressure is applied through the mask to prevent the airways from becoming obstructed or closing during sleep.

For many people, medications may help solve their sleep disorders. These can include sleep aids for patients with insomnia.

People with mild sleep apnea and snoring issues may benefit from an oral appliance. It fits into the mouth like a mouth guard during sleep and holds the jaw in a forward position to keep your airways open.

It may be enough for some people to retrain how they position themselves during sleep. For example, sleeping on your back may put too much pressure on your airways, causing restricted breathing. Learning to sleep in other positions may solve the problem, and you may be given a small device to keep the body in a better sleeping position.

People with more severe breathing problems may benefit from surgery. These surgeries are often used to correct problems in the nose, tonsils, soft palate and/or throat.

People with sleep disorders that arise from anxiety, depression and other emotional or mental issues may benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy. During this treatment, you’ll learn techniques to address worries, calm a “racing mind” and other factors that could be causing poor sleep.

Losing weight may alleviate some sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea.