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Mercy Regional Medical Center Cancer Services
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Cancer Services

Mercy Regional Medical Center

Skilled Cancer Team

Mercy Regional Medical Center’s Cancer Services team is a collaborative group of highly specialized, skilled professionals that includes physicians, nurse practitioners, specialized nursing staff, nurse navigator, registered dietitian, integrative care specialists, and more. The team is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer and blood diseases. Most importantly, they are here to guide you on your journey with cancer and help you understand treatment options, while providing support for the physical, emotional and practical concerns along the way.

  • Physicians

    Mercy Cancer Services’ physicians include board-certified medical oncologists and radiation oncologists who are dedicated to the treatment of cancer and blood disorders. Meet our physicians. 

  • Certified Oncology Nurse Practitioner

    Mercy Cancer Services’ advanced certified oncology nurse practitioner specializes in survivorship and palliative care, and works closely with the patient and families to manage cancer symptoms and treatment to help make challenging decisions and cope with the complex needs associated with a cancer diagnosis.

  • Oncology Nurse Navigator

    The oncology nurse navigator is an oncology-certified, registered nurse who will support you and your family throughout treatment by coordinating appointments to expedite care, providing information about your diagnosis and treatment options, and answering questions throughout your treatment. In addition, the nurse navigator is available to connect you with community resources and provide access to psychosocial support.

  • Oncology Certified Nursing Staff

    Specialized nursing staff are certified by the Institutional Chemotherapy Competency Program and Oncology Core Curriculum. In addition to the administration of medications, nurses provide medical needs during treatment and monitor lab tests and vital signs with the physician and oncology treatment team. Our team of nurses understands how difficult cancer treatment can be and is here for you whether you need extra support, to ask a question, or a friendly face nearby.

  • Oncology Pharmacy

    The oncology pharmacist is essential in the management of chemotherapy and its side effects, and ensures effective communication, efficiency of services, and a continuity of care provided to oncology patients. Mercy’s oncology pharmacist is dedicated to serve as a resource for drug and supplement information, as well as education for the patient, family, nurses and physicians. The pharmacist specializes in pain management and ensures the optimum effectiveness of drug therapy through proper dosing and administration, as well as anticipating potential side effects.

  • Registered Dietician

    A registered dietician understands that the nutritional needs of cancer patients can differ from those of other individuals. Patients receive a one-on-one nutrition session with a registered dietician, who provides nutritional management throughout treatment. Patients learn how to maintain proper nutrition at the start of cancer treatment and how to cope when experiencing treatment side effects.

  • Touch, Love, and Compassion (TLC) Nursing Team

    Once treatment has started, patients have access to Mercy Regional Medical Center’s Integrative Care Services – Touch, Love, and Compassion (TLC) Program. The TLC team consists of nurses and massage therapists specially trained in healing therapies. They meet with the patient in our infusion room and offer a menu of choices (massage, healing touch, prayer or meditation) that help promote relaxation and maintain wellness.

  • Therapy Dog Program

    Mercy’s Therapy Dogs Program coordinates regular visits to the infusion room with trained and certified therapy dogs through Therapy Dogs International. The dogs and their trainers visit each patient to help provide comfort and reduce anxiety. Most patients enjoy visits from the therapy dogs; however, if the patient would like to have a visit at another time or defer from dog visits altogether, that decision is possible. It is our goal to provide you access to the tools that may make your treatments as stress free and comfortable as possible.