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Community Programs

Back Pain Explained

Join a fellowship trained spine surgeon Douglas Orndorff, MD, for “Back Pain Explained,” a FREE community presentation.

Date: Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018

  • Gray Matters

    Gray Matters Helmet Program

    Preventing traumatic brain injuries in our community

    Mercy Regional Medical Center is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through injury prevention. The goal of Mercy's Gray Matters helmet program is to increase helmet usage in the community - especially among children and young adults who participate in sports that have a risk of traumatic brain injury.

    The program has three primary strategies:

    1. To educate the community about traumatic brain injuries
    2. To encourage people to wear helmets that are property fitted and appropriate for a given sport
    3. To distribute free sports helmets to those who can't get them for financial or other reasons


    Mercy Health Foundation is raising funds that will support this important program. For more information about how you can make a difference by contributing to this program, please contact Mercy Health Foundation at 970-764-2800.

    Traumatic Brain Injury
    Traumatic brain injury (TBI) causes damage to living brain tissue. TBI can be caused by a jolt, blow, or penetrating injury. Injuries can range from mild to severe.

    Signs and Symptoms of TBI
    The signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can be subtle. Symptoms of a TBI may not appear until days or weeks following the injury. Common signs and symptoms of TBI:

    • Headaches or neck pain that do not go away
    • Difficulty remembering, concentrating, or making decisions
    • Slowness in thinking, speaking, acting, or reading
    • Getting lost or easily confused
    • Feeling tired all the time, having no energy or motivation
    • Mood changes (feeling sad or angry for no reason)
    • Changes in sleep patterns (sleeping a lot more or having a hard time sleeping)
    • Light-headedness, dizziness, or loss of balance
    • Urge to vomit (nausea)
    • Increased sensitivity to lights, sounds, or distractions
    • Blurred vision or eyes that tire easily
    • Loss of sense of smell or taste
    • Ringing in the ears

    Every year, we see traumatic brain injuries that could have been prevented or lessened if a properly fitted helmet had been worn by the inured.

  • Tanzania Mission

    Cassidy and KidsSince 2004, Mercy Health Foundation and Mercy Regional Medical Center have supported mission work in Mbulu, Tanzania through a variety of giving initiatives. These initiatives have included providing scholarships for girls, small business loans for women, support of the Dareda Hospital through volunteers and equipment, and support of the Dareda Nursing School.Val and New Mother

    The continued support of the mission work in Mbulu is made possible by community donations to the Mercy Health Foundation. Even a small donation can have a huge impact on the people of Mbulu and the surrounding communities. To donate, contact the Foundation.

    Phone: 970-764-2802  

    For more information, visit the Mercy Health Foundation.

    Masueta’s Story

    Mercy Health Foundation has been funding small-business loans and scholarships for women since 2004.


    Masueta’s Story

    Mercy Health Foundation has been funding small-business loans and scholarships for women since 2004.

    Crossing Borders

    Mercy hospitalist Valerie McKinnis, MD, discusses the Mercy Tanzania Mission Project


    Crossing Borders

    Mercy hospitalist Valerie McKinnis, MD, discusses the Mercy Tanzania Mission Project

    Mercy Volunteers Cross Continents to Provide Care

    In July, four Mercy volunteers traveled over 9000 miles to Mbulu, Tanzania.


    Mercy Volunteers Cross Continents to Provide Care

    In July, four Mercy volunteers traveled over 9000 miles to Mbulu, Tanzania.

  • Mercy Employee Child Care Center

    Welcome. Thank you for your interest in Mercy Employee Child Care Center. Our center is primarily for employees of Mercy Regional Medical Center; however, when space is available, we allow community families into the facility. We would love for you to visit and tour our center. See Contact Us for more information. Please contact us to schedule a tour, as they are by appointment only.

    At Mercy Employee Child Care Center, we work to keep it a happy place. We want every child to have a positive experience while they are here. We pay special attention to each child's physical environment, the activities available, and the way our teachers interact with each child. The physical environment is structured to encourage experimentation, exploration and expression by providing daily opportunity in the following areas: blocks, dramatic play, toys and games, art, library, discovery, sand and water, music and movement, cooking, and outdoors. We encourage every child to progress at his/her own pace. Our hope is that every child will develop a positive self-image, will make friends, and learn the developmentally appropriate concepts for their age.

    To best serve the needs of Mercy employees and the community, we are open year-round.

    • Monday - Friday: 5:45 am - 6:30 pm

    We accept families under the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program.

    Our Program

    The intention of Mercy Employee Child Care Center is to serve the needs of Mercy Regional Medical Center (MRMC) employees on a space-available basis. However, it is important for our center to remain as full as possible. Therefore, when space becomes available, it is given on a tiered-system of enrollment:

    • Tier 1: Parents who work for MRMC
    • Tier 2: Approved affiliates of MRMC
    • Tier 3: Community members

    *Please Note: It is our belief that it is in the best interest of the child and family that once a child has started in our center, the child will remain in our care until they voluntarily leave.

    We do have three exceptions:

    1. If a family starts at our center as a MRMC employee (tier 1) and then terminates employment at MRMC.
    2. If a new program is established, such as the summer camp.
      *In both situations above, Mercy Employee Child Care Center will evaluate the center waitlist to see if the need of MRMC employees (tier 1) and approved affiliates (tier 2) is too great, and the family may be asked to leave.
    3. As with all Mercy Employee Child Care Center families, if differences arise and all other options have been exhausted in finding a solution, the center may recommend parents find a different location for their child to better meet the needs of the family.

    Forms & Resources
    Mercy Employee Child Care requires all parents complete the General Health Appraisal Form with a qualified health care provider at each well child visit as recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics. This form must be completed within 30 days of enrollment. Download the form.

    Wait List
    If you are interested in your child attending our center, complete the pre-registration form indicate your needs to us. You may also contact us to schedule a tour. The director will assess whether the center can meet your needs, and if not currently possible, your child will be placed on the wait list. As space is available, the wait list will be assessed, and children will be placed in our care based upon the tiered system of enrollment (listed above).


    Infant Room
    10 children; a staff ratio of one teacher to four children is maintained as often as possible.Infant Room

    Wobbler (Young Toddler) Room
    10 children; the staff ratio is one teacher per five children.

    Wobbler Room

    Toddler Room
    14 children; the staff ratio is one teacher per seven children.

    Toddler Room

    Preschool Room
    20 children; the staff ratio is one teacher per ten children. Our preschool program follows the "Incredible Years Dinosaur School Curriculum." This curriculum assists the teachers in increasing children's self-control skills, social skills and reduces challenging behaviors in the classroom. It encourages teaching skills to the children like: empathy or perspective taking, friendship, anger management, school-rules, interpersonal problem-solving, emotional literacy and how to be successful at school.

    Preschool Room

    School-age Room
    10 children; our staff ratio is one teacher per ten children. During the summer break from school, we can have ten children in our program from 5 to 8 years old. We create a fun and educational summer program for the children, including field trips through Durango Transit and nature walks around the Three Springs Campus. Typically, we begin enrolling children into the summer program around March/April.

    Employee Child Care Center Payment & Donations

    Payment from Mercy Regional Medical Center employees is preferred through payroll deduction on a bi-weekly basis through the hospital payroll system.

    Payments may also be made:

    • Online
    • By check at Mercy Employee Child Care Center
    • By cash, credit or debit at the cashier's office

    You are responsible for paying for your childcare every week, bi-weekly, or monthly. Please discuss any questions regarding billing or payment with the director. See Contact Us for more information.

    Mercy Regional Medical Center is a non-profit hospital committed to improving the health and wellness of the communities it serves in the Four Corners region. Mercy Employee Child Care Center offers a service to your health providers and support staff in order to better serve our community.

    To donate to Mercy Employee Child Care Center, contact the Mercy Health Foundation. 

    Phone: 970-764-2802

    Mercy Health Foundation qualifies for Enterprise Zone State Tax Credit of 25 percent for cash donations of $250 or more. Donations may also be eligible for federal charitable tax deductions. Please consult with your financial advisor for more information.

    Contact us

    For more information or to schedule a tour, contact our director:

    Mailing Address

    1010 Three Springs Blvd.
    Durango, CO 81301

    Phone: 970-764-1375
    Fax: 970-764-1389

    Physical Address: 1225 Three Springs Blvd.