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Wall of Honor at Penrose Hospital

Penrose-St Francis Health Services Foundation Wall of HonorA Gift That Will Do So Much Good Today. A Tribute That Will Live On For Generations To Come.

It's difficult to find the words that describe the truly special times of our lives, and the special people in our lives.   

How do you express the joy of a newly born life? The grief for a lost love one? The gratitude for a lifetime of support and friendship? Or just a message of love and caring to someone special on a birthday or anniversary?  

Now there is a way to demonstrate these unspoken emotions with a powerful, positive action. The Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation offers a special program of commemorative giving that channels your sentiment in to a benevolent, caring contribution to those who need it most.

The Wall of Honor 
The Wall of Honor is an attractive, dignified wall located in the new main lobby in the E Tower of Penrose Hospital. Presented on a 46" LCD, each name appears independently with your special message.

Online Wall of Honor Kiosk

Check back regularly for updates as they become available.

A Heritage of Caring

For over 20 years, Penrose Hospital's Wall of Honor has occupied a very prominent place in our hospital's main lobby. It is a reminder of how special each and every person truly is whether with us today or passed on; relative or friend, close or far away. It reminds our physicians, associates, volunteers and visitors of the sacredness of every human being. It reminds us of our mission and that we are children of God and are called to serve everyone.

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