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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are an integral part of Penrose-St. Francis Health Services. They enhance the quality of care given to our patients by providing an extra special touch. The service our volunteers offer is truly a gift from the heart.  Our 600+ volunteers serve in over 100 departments throughout Penrose-St. Francis Health Services.

Penrose-St. Francis wants to provide the very best patient care, and our volunteers play an important role in this. As a volunteer, you will derive great personal satisfaction while working with a team of dedicated staff and other volunteers.

Volunteers are needed seven days a week between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, and later hours are available at the Penrose Hospital Emergency Room. Volunteers normally work one 3 or 4-hour shift per week.

View the programs listed below for more information. 

Current Volunteers: Complete Annual Renewal Form | Regulatory Readiness Handbook

Pet Ambassador Program: Pet handler please see and complete adult program application

  • Adult Volunteer Program

    The Adult Volunteer Program spans ages 18-97. Most adult volunteers commit to three to four hours once a week in a volunteer position of their choice. Volunteer opportunities are offered in patient care areas, hospitality departments, clerical, "Buddies" and Spiritual Care. Prospective volunteers attend a two-and-a-half-hour orientation session. Orientation sessions are offered monthly at both Penrose Hospital and St. Francis Medical Center.

    After completing the online application the prospective volunteer will learn about the Penrose-St. Francis mission, core values, customer service program, volunteer opportunities offered at each site and the training requirements needed before their volunteer service can begin.

    Prospective volunteers will have the opportunity to review all position descriptions that appeal to them. On-the-job training will be provided when the volunteer receives his/her volunteer assignment.

    Volunteer Opportunities: (not all positions available at all sites)

    • Patient Care
    • Emergency Department
    • Neonatal Hearing Screening
    • Nursery
    • Patient Care Ambassador
    • Patient Transport
    • Pediatrics
    • Radiology
    • Rehabilitation
    • Surgical Services
    • Gift Shops
    • Greeters and Escorts
    • Information Desks
    • John Zay Guest House
    • Pharmacies (In-Patient/Out-Patient)
    • Surgical Waiting Rooms
    • Mother Daughter Sister Friend Women's boutique
    • Clerical 
    • Offices
    • Special Projects
    • Spiritual Care
    • Eucharistic Minister
    • Spiritual Care Visitor
    • Knitters  
    • Baby Hats  
    • Comfort Shawls
    • Blood Bank  
    • Mobile Blood Drives
    • Mission Outreach
    • And many others

    Adult Volunteer Application

    Step 1: Paperwork

    Note: Knitters are not required to complete the paperwork. Complete the application and contact Volunteer Services at 719-776-5315.
    Print and complete the following documents: 

    Please mail, fax or email your Letter of Recommendation and a copy of your immunization record to:

    PSF Volunteer Services
    2222 N Nevada Ave.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80907
    Fax: 719-776-7446

    Step 2: Application

  • Volunteer Locations

    Your choice of sites include:

    • Penrose Hospital
      2222 N. Nevada Ave.
    • St. Francis Medical Center
      6001 E. Woodmen Rd.
    • Health Learning Center
      1644 Medical Center Point
    • Colorado Sports and Spine Centers (several areas available)
    • Centura Health Urgent & Primary Care Locations
  • Volunteer Perks

    Volunteering at Penrose-St. Francis Health Services has benefits for you as well. We thank our volunteers with:

    1. Complimentary meal the day you work your shift ($8.00 allotment)*
    2. Service Pins, Awards – presented the month following; Name on Recognition Board at 1,000 hours of service level
    3. Annual Luncheon during National Volunteer Week
    4. *FREE Flu vaccine each year
    5. TB Quantiferon Test
    6. Special parking
    7. *Pharmacy discount – 10 % on over the counter/non-prescriptive items
    8. *Gift Shop discount - 20% on all regular priced gift items (excluding candy, flowers, magazines, sundries and sale items)
    9. *Use of the Penrose Hospital and St. Francis Medical Center Wellness Centers. Call the STRIVE office at 776-7494 for information on the orientation sessions. This includes Lunch n’ Learn meetings and a wide variety of classes and topics.
    10. Labyrinth (Spiritual Care offers an instruction pamphlet)

    * Volunteer identification required (name badge and/or uniform)

No One Dies Alone Program (NODA)

  • What is No One Dies Alone?

    No One Dies Alone (NODA) is a national volunteer-centered program started by Sandra Clarke, CCRN, at PeaceHealth (Eugene, OR) in 2001. Its goal is to provide companionship and support for dying individuals so that no patient dies alone. The program is now a model for compassionate end-of-life programs in hospitals across the country. The program began at Penrose-St. Francis Health Services in July 2009.

    NODA trains hospital associates and volunteers to become compassionate companions who offer end of life presence and support to patients who are near the end of life and who have no family or friends at their bedside. Trained volunteers provide 24-hour availability to dying patients who do not wish to be alone. During the vigil, companions may hold the hand of the patient, play soothing music, read to the patient and assist in other comfort care measures. They serve patients in shifts, sitting at the bedside until the patient's death or a family member arrives.

    The heart of this work is about being rather than doing ... about compassionate presence and heartfelt intention rather than fixing, solving, or answering or resolving issues for others. To be a calming presence and truly compassionate with another requires no small amount of personal and spiritual maturity, as well as a capacity for reflection on the volunteer’s life. 

    Our Mission

    We provide compassionate companionship to the dying who have no family or friends to be with them in their last days, to ensure that they do not die alone.

  • Become a NODA Volunteer

    NODA volunteers receive orientation and training that is more process oriented with an appropriate amount of content and protocol to provide a framework for the volunteer to be successful. All NODA volunteers must be either a Penrose-St. Francis Health Services associate or a volunteer through Penrose-St. Francis Volunteer Services, and have been volunteering for at least 3 months. NODA gives Penrose-St. Francis associates the opportunity to provide comfort care to patients outside of their regular work day. PSF associates must register with Volunteer Services, complete a No One Dies Alone application, be interviewed and be accepted as a NODA volunteer and complete the NODA training prior to beginning to sit vigils.

    Please read the following job description prior to downloading and completing the NODA Application. Applications may be submitted to NODA Coordinator via email or submitted to the Spiritual Care Department at Penrose Hospital or St. Francis Medical Center.

    Job Description for NODA Volunteer at Penrose-St. Francis Health Services 


    • Penrose-St. Francis Employee and/or Penrose-St. Francis Volunteer with a minimum of 3 months of service within the organization
    • An on-sight interview with the NODA Coordinator
    • Attendance and completion of a Penrose-St. Francis NODA training and orientation
    • Must be 18 years of age and not have had a death in their family during the past year


    • Works cooperatively with others as well as independently
    • Follows organization's confidentiality and infection control guidelines
    • Respects a patient’s spiritual beliefs
    • Understands and follows directions
    • Demonstrates compassion
    • Demonstrates an ability to be a calming presence, and use silence well
    • Demonstrates emotional availability
    • Demonstrates appropriate personal and professional boundaries
    • Demonstrates sensitivity to end of life issues

    Time Commitment: 
    Volunteers sign up for days and times they will be available to be contacted for service.

    Position Scope and Procedures:

    • A NODA volunteer will be provided with a coordinator and pertinent telephone numbers for a scheduled vigil.
    • NODA volunteers are asked to commit to 2 hour shifts (4 hours max.) when called to sit a vigil.
    • NODA volunteers are required to attend at least one dying patient a year to stay active with the NODA program, and attend at least one Gathering per year.

Patient & Family Advisory Council

  • What is Patient and Family Centered Care?

    Patient and Family Centered Care is a philosophy of health care based on the belief that respectful partnership among patients, their families and health care professional leads to:

    • Increased understanding and improved safety
    • Better health outcomes
    • More accessible services
    • Increased customer and staff satisfaction

    Our commitment to Patient and Family Centered Care means:

    • We value patients and families as active partners in the care and we include them in care decisions.
    • We value patient and family perspectives about their care experiences and we include patients and family members when we make decisions about programs and services.

    Because you are a consumer of health services, your observations and ideas about what does and does not work for you and your family are powerful tools for enhancing the quality at our hospitals.

  • What is the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)?

    Offered at Penrose-St. Francis Health Services, the PFAC partners patients and families with members of the healthcare team to provide guidance on how to improve the patient and family experience. As part of the PFAC process, you will be able to ensure that the consumer’s point of view, perspective, and experience are not only heard, but also integrated into the service and quality improvement for Penrose Hospital and St. Francis Medical Center.

    The PFAC is composed of community members and hospital employees (a 50/50 mix) and strives to represent the diverse culture of Penrose-St. Francis Health Services.

  • Who can become a Penrose-St. Francis Patient and Family Advisory Council member?

    • Current or former patients, family members or primary caregivers of a current or former patient
    • Penrose-St. Francis Health Services associates
    • People who are enthusiastic about the health care system’s mission of excellence, quality, safety, community focus and customer satisfaction
    • People who have a desire to make a positive difference for other patients and families

    Join Us
    As a member of the PFAC, you can help design programs and services that meet real health care needs as patients and families define them.

    PFAC Opportunities 
    Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) helps promote Patient and Family Centered values, activities and policies throughout Penrose-St. Francis Health Services as a council member.

    Working in our hospital alongside health care associates is a great way to get involved. Orientation and training is provided. Learn more about volunteering.  

    Penrose-St. Francis Health Services invites you to become a PFAC Member.

    To learn more about the Patient and Family Advisory Council, contact us.

    • Phone: 719-571-2100
    • E-mail

    You may fill out an online Application Form or download the Application Form for Patient and Family Advisors.