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Diabetes Education & Support

St. Anthony Hospital

Committed to Helping Manage and Prevent Diabetes

St. Anthony Hospital is committed to helping you manage your diabetes, or prevent a diagnosis of pre-diabetes from developing into type II diabetes. Both the H.E.L.P. for Diabetes Program and the Diabetes Prevention Program are designed to help you incorporate healthy eating, physical activity and healthy habits into your lifestyle. 

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  • H.E.L.P. for Diabetes

    Do you or a family member have diabetes? Here's how St. Anthony Hospital can H.E.L.P.

    St. Anthony Hospital is an accredited site for a nationally recognized Health Enrichment for Life Program (H.E.L.P.) for individuals with diabetes.

    This leading-edge initiative offers those diagnosed with the disease a wealth of diabetes management information, activities and support, all in one place. The specially trained St. Anthony H.E.L.P. team includes a certified diabetes educator, licensed behavioral counselors, a registered dietitian, exercise physiologists and a community health clinician.

    Participants engage in physical activity in the gym, enjoy cooking demos in the kitchen, practice their self-care skills and receive community support to learn sustainable quality-of-life skills to accomplish their goals faster. The program’s 10 hours of education are divided into four two-hour classes, one hour-long class and one hour devoted to individual time with a diabetes educator.

    Each class focuses on the following specific skills:

    • Taking your first steps: Understanding diabetes management, self-care skills, a guide to start healthy meal planning and increased physical activity.
    • Build your skills: Learn about healthy cooking at home and nutritious options when dining out, then practice meal-planning skills and problem-solving situations with diabetes care.
    • Healthy coping and setting realistic goals: Learn behavior change, social support options and how to reduce stress with breathing skills and body imagery.
    • Living with diabetes: Guide to Problem Solving with Diabetes. Understand blood glucose goals and patterns, treatment of high/low blood glucose, diabetes medications, health checks, preventing diabetes complications and sick-day rules.
    • Transition to the community: Community resource options for ongoing diabetes self-care after graduating from the program.

    H.E.L.P. Diabetes Education is ONLY for people diagnosed by their physician with diabetes. Classes are billed to insurance. Medicaid also covers the program for those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

    To Enroll:

    Your provider must complete the following order and then fax to the Central Scheduling number on the form. You will then receive a call to be scheduled into the program.


    Questions? Please Contact:
    Lauren Bernstein, RDN, CDE
    Phone: 720-321-8316

  • Diabetes Prevention Program

    National Diabetes Prevention Program

    Prediabetes is a growing threat in the United States, and according to the CDC, 86 million adults have prediabetes (that’s 1 in 3). Without intervention, 15-30% of people with prediabetes will develop type II diabetes within five years.

    The National Diabetes Prevention Program is a FREE, year-long, group based program that research has shown to reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes by 58% (or 71% for those over 60 years old) for eligible participants. A lifestyle coach will work with participants to lose weight, increase physical activity and adopt healthy lifestyle habits.    

    Have you been told you have or are at risk of prediabetes? We encourage you to join one of our upcoming programs. The first 16 sessions occur biweekly, then the remaining sessions are monthly for the rest of the year. We offer the program in a number of locations and with a variety of start dates.

    Find a session and register online today!

Contact Us

If you have questions about H.E.L.P or Diabetes Prevention Programs please contact:

Lauren Bernstein, RDN, CDE 
Phone: 720-321-8316