Tuition Payment & Student Requirements



  • Pay Your Tuition & Fees


    Pay Tuition or Fees Online

    Seat Fees:

    • AEMT - $250
    • EMT - $250
    • Paramedic - $500

    Final Course Fees: 

    • EMT - $1145
    • Advanced EMT - $2295 
    • Paramedic - $7045

    To pay an application fee or have been accepted into a St. Anthony PreHospital EMS Course and need to pay your tuition; use the following process to pay by credit card.

    Click the pay now link. You will be directed to a payment screen that will allow you to securely process your course payment. 

    Note: This payment screen will not populate your individual tuition information, so you will need to enter the course name, date and your individual tuition amount. Use the following instructions for completing the payment screen.

    1. In the "Event Description" field please enter your course title followed by start date. 
      Example: "EMT - month/day/year" 
      (Course titles are EMT, EKG, IV Approval, Advanced EMT, Paramedic)
    2. Enter all personal information fields
    3. In the "Amount" field you will need to enter the amount you owe for your fee or tuition.

    Individual course refund policies are available in each course requirement description. To request a refund, contact us:

    • Phone: 720-321-8970
    • Email
  • Immunization & Screening Requirements

    Minimum Required Immunizations, Lab Work & Drug Screenings

    After admission to any EMS Program (EMT, AEMT, Paramedic, or IV), each student is required to show completion of the requirements listed below.  Documentation must be provided to assure that the student is in compliance with Centura Health Polices.  Students are responsible for any and all cost related to the health requirements.

    Required Immunizations

    Documentation must be submitted by given deadlines.

    1. MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) 
      Note:    Individual born prior to 1957 may not have been vaccinated.  
      Individuals born since 1957 will need documentation of 2 measles vaccinations since 1967.
    2. Varicella (Chickenpox).
    3. Tuberculosis Testing (PPD current within the past year OR Quantiferon TB blood test), if you have tested positive for TB, you will need proof of successful follow up treatment.
    4. Hepatitis B Vaccine (3 shot series - must have received at least 1st shot).
    5. Seasonal flu vaccination (required November 1st  – March 31st ).
    7. Blood titers can be utilized for proof of immunity for MMR, Hep B, & Varicella.

    The lab work & immunizations may be completed by your Physician or Health Care provider of your choice. You may also have these completed at the Centura Centers for Occupational Medicine.

    Note: The following immunizations &/or lab work, and drug screening must be completed after admission to your EMS Education Program and documentation must be provided prior to signing up for any clinical rotations.

    Approximate Costs (if provided through CCOM):

    • MMR: $85
    • Varicella: $60
    • PPD: $35 
    • QuantiFeron TB: $35 (recommended – includes PPD & lab draw fee)
    • Hepatitis B series (1st shot of 3 must be given prior to clinicals - or Titer, if series completed): $80/shot ($240 total)
    • Seasonal Flu shot (if applicable): $32
    • Drug Screen: DOT Drug Screen/eScreen with synthetics: $42.50