Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is about getting you back to your everyday life. When injury or illness cause you to lose mobility or the ability to do all the activities you’re used to, our therapists and other health care staff will work with you to get you back to doing what you love.

Occupational therapy often takes a holistic approach. We don’t just focus on immobility, we’ll also help you assess your environment and the roles you take in your life. This gives us a better idea of your life so we can assist you in regaining mobility, adjusting to new changes and addressing environmental or emotional aspects of recovery.

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    Our occupational therapists will work with you to get you back to doing what you love.

    What is Occupational Therapy?

    While workplace injuries can require occupational therapy in order to get back to your career, the term “occupational” in this case refers to any daily activities, not just those related to a job. We offer the same attention and care for everyone, from children and adolescents to seniors. Our priority is getting you as close as we can to your normal life.

    Our services are not just for the body, either. Treating psychological and cognitive impairment is just as important to your ongoing health as physical needs. Whether you’ve suffered a stroke and need mental rehabilitation, or anxiety is keeping you from enjoying everyday tasks, we can help you through it step-by-step.

    We provide a broad spectrum of occupational therapy services, including evaluation and treatment of:

    • Hand and upper extremity injuries, including upper extremity splinting by our certified hand therapist
    • Orthopedic injuries or post-surgical treatment
    • Neurological deficits
    • Cognitive and perceptual deficits
    • Upper extremity weakness or problems with coordination
    • Ergonomics training
    • Difficulties living at home, for home adaptation and adaptive equipment
    • Painful conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis
    • Problems with driving, caused by physical or mental impairment