Speech Therapy

Language is our connection to others, and trouble communicating well can be extremely frustrating. The speech pathologists at Centura Health can improve your communication and language skills.

The causes are not always known, but whether your speech and language issues have always been present or occurred because of an illness, injury or stroke, help is available. Our certified speech-language experts provide evaluation and treatment of speech, cognitive, voice, language, and swallowing disorders arising from various conditions. An extensive level of medical education and experience go into becoming a speech-language pathologist. In order to be certified, they’re required to complete a postgraduate master’s level speech program, a clinical fellowship year and 10 continuing education units (CEUs) yearly.

Speech Therapy Session

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Our speech therapists work with patients of all ages, rehabilitating their communication and swallowing abilities to normal or functional levels.

Some of the speech therapy services our network provides include:

  • Accent reduction programs to improve communication for people with accents
  • Augmentative/alternative communication for nonverbal clients, which assists with communication using technology and adaptive devices
  • Cognitive therapy to improve memory, attention, processing, problem-solving and executive functioning
  • Language therapy to improve developmental delays or language impairments due to neurological events
  • Speech therapy for articulation disorders and patients affected by surgery, trauma, cancer or neurological conditions
  • Swallowing therapy, which includes modified barium swallow studies to measure swallowing impairment, as well as electrical stimulation technology treatments
  • Voice therapy, including Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) for people with Parkinson’ s disease

Education and support is also available for family members and caretakers. We want to make sure you have a supportive network so you can continue to progress toward your goals outside of our clinics.