Increasing Access to Trauma Care

Some 46 million Americans — roughly 15 percent of the U.S. population — live in rural areas. What’s more, being injured in a rural area increases your risk of dying from an injury. Centura Health is committed to improving trauma care across the region and is partnering with rural facilities to bring trauma resources and support to facilitate optimal care in rural communities. We support 15 rural trauma centers in the region with trauma services and continuing education.

Our Outreach Health Division extends the Centura Health mission to rural communities throughout Colorado and western Kansas. We have the expertise and resources to support the viability, availability and affordability of keeping health care local — a challenging prospect in many rural settings. Working in partnership with rural communities, we provide customized solutions based on local needs, including trauma care.

Our ultimate goal is to help ensure that people have the same access to a coordinated network of health care providers and services, whether they live in the most remote regions of Colorado or the state’s most densely populated areas. By connecting rural and urban health care providers together to share expertise, information, training and coordination, people all across Colorado benefit.