Contact St. Anthony Hospitals Prehospital Services

Our staff is here to support the EMS community including students, EMS providers and EMS agencies.

We know you have a choice of where to get your EMS training and we value your support of our educational programs. See our staff, medical and instructor listing below, don't hesitate to contact the main office if you are unsure of the correct contact.

St. Anthony Hospitals PreHospital Services 
 34 Van Gordon Street, 2nd Floor, Suite 200
Lakewood, CO 80228 
Phone: 720-321-8970 
Fax: 720-321-8971 

  • Medical Directors

    W. Peter Vellman, MD
    Medical Director Emergency Medical Services

    Gina Soriya, MD
    Paramedic Program Medical Director

    Scott Branney, MD
    Associate Medical Advisor

    Mark Doucette, MD
    Associate Medical Advisor

    Brian Rolfson, MD
    Associate Medical Advisor

    Gina Soriya, MD
    Associate Medical Advisor