Nurse Navigators

Supporting you on your journey

Our nurse navigators serve not only as nurses, but as advocates, educators and a source of support, helping you through the entire breast cancer care and treatment process. Depending on your diagnosis, a nurse navigator can provide:

  • Testing and treatment overview: A nurse navigator can provide an overview of diagnostic testing and treatment, describe tests that may be needed and explain treatment options.
  • Personalized support: A nurse navigator may accompany you to some doctor appointments, visiting with you the day of and after your surgery, and answering questions and providing connections to additional resources for emotional support, financial concerns or transportation.
  • Educational materials: A nurse navigator can share a wide variety of educational materials throughout breast cancer treatment, including tips for managing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Lifestyle support: Your daily living needs may change as treatment progresses. Our navigator can assist you in finding local resources for transportation, in-home help, child care and more.
  • Financial assistance: There are local and national organizations whose focus is helping those with breast cancer address financial matters. Our navigator can connect you with these charitable organizations.
  • Emotional and spiritual support: Breast cancer changes lives. Given your desires and direction, our navigator can introduce you to others — professional resources, compassionate volunteers and others who have faced a challenge like yours — to make the journey easier.

Connecting with a nurse navigator

When possible, a nurse navigator meets with you during your initial surgical or oncology consult. Our breast care nurse navigator is also an integral part of the high-risk breast clinic, meeting each person to provide education on risk-reducing lifestyle behaviors. Our breast imaging navigator works closely with you to streamline follow-up mammogram appointments, biopsies and communication with doctors, and explains the results of services.