Social Justice & Health Equity

Advancing Social Justice for All

Our Values and Mission compel us to be an organization intentional in our commitment to diversity and inclusion for all. This has always been core to who we are and who we aspire to be. We know that this moment – maybe more than ever – is calling us to recommit to living our Values in ways that are reflective of this aspiration.

In our shared responsibility to continue to make our workplaces, care sites and communities more equitable, Centura’s Social Justice Framework was established in 2020. Our Sponsors, Board, leadership, and 21,000 caregivers are aligned around this multi-year plan with commitments for meaningful change in five priority areas:

  • Recognition and Support – ensuring community governance, senior leadership, and other structural elements support our journey.
  • Education and Development – fundamentals education for all leadership and physicians.
  • Human Resources – formal policy and process review, recruitment and retention, and pipeline programs in health care professions.
  • Health Disparities – eliminating gaps in care provision and health outcomes, screening for social justice psychosocial factors, and integrating social determinants of health into electronic health records.
  • Community Impact – addressing suppliers and contractors, establishing a community grant program, and increasing government and community advocacy for change.

Centura Health Equity & Advancement Fund

Our Health Equity & Advancement Fund was launched in June 2021 to support our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. In our vision to make every community, every neighborhood, every life – whole and healthy, we are continually working to enable our associates and communities to inspire change.